Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The art of achieving organic listings through a balance of on and off-page techniques. We understand what this balance is by constant research and development of search engine trends and market competition.

Organic SEO

We have seven years of experience in this field. Through extensive testing across many different types of sites we are able to adapt to the constantly changing search engine algorithms. Your site will be improved and tweaked on a regular basis to outrank your competitors.

Link Building

We will find and secure relevant links for your site with the focus on quality.

Content and Navigation

We will work with you to create the content on your site in a way search engines can understand and users can navigate with ease.

Social Media Marketing

We will advise on how best to write for social media specifically to attract interest and links to your site. We will then promote the best content on social media websites.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is Paid Search on platforms such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search and Microsoft Adcentre. Our success comes from the understanding of search criteria, clients commercial objectives and a finely tuned approach to managing campaigns.

Website Analytics

Using a combination of Google Analytics and Awstats, we examine the traffic which is generated by your site, and the amount of conversions resulting from it. This provides the empirical data necessary to advise on the strategic development of your site in the future.

The Blog

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